Thursday, November 29, 2007

Am I too old to blog?/Messy boys

I'm not sure I get this whole blogging thing. Sort of like a journal except you let people read it? I feel like such a dinosaur - I haven't read many blogs at all, and I wonder a) if anyone will ever read mine, and b) how people who read blogs find the time? Is a grown woman starting a blog the equivalent of an adult talking in text-ese? (OMG, I have to text my BFF ASAP, it's so LOL!)
So - if anyone is reading this and thinking about coming back for more, let me assure you that this blog will not be a minute-by-minute description of the boring details of my day (except if a small part of it is really funny), and I promise not to go into poetical accounts of diaper changing. (I'd hope not, my kids are 11 and 14!) By now I've gotten over that new-mom sense of being the first and only woman who really understood the joy of having a baby.
Speaking of which - new moms may not want to read any further! See, of course it gets easier, in that my kids can bathe and dress and feed themselves, and occasionally we even have interesting conversations! But 95% of it is tedium, or aggravation, or hassles. So this blog will express what most of us feel but are afraid to admit - sometimes this job sucks! Right now, I'm feeling particularly aggravated with my boys - they are slobs, let's not mince words, and oy I'm getting tired of living in a pigsty. Not that I'm Martha Stewart or even particularly neat, but teenage and preteen boys drop their crap all over the place, leave dishes out, and their feet smell awful! (No, I don't smell their feet - this knowledge comes from the shoes they leave out). I've tried nagging, deducting from allowance, reasoning with them - right now I'm planning on starting a new program, where I take left-out items hostage, and they have to pay a ransom to get them back. The way my kids strew their belongings about, this should provide enough money for me to buy a book on blogging!

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