Friday, April 2, 2010

Ricky Martin Is Still Sexy To Me!

The blogosphere is all a-twitter, so to speak, because pop star Ricky Martin finally came out (after 10 years of speculation, evasion, and 'hello, of course he's gay' commentary). Many praise him, deservedly so, for being open and proud of his homosexuality, some homophobic writers are condemning him, and tons of female fans are still supportive but dreadfully disappointed.

Here's the thing about celebrities who come out - I mean, honestly, how many of us would ever get a chance to sleep with Ricky, or Clay Aiken, or Adam Lambert, or Neil Patrick Harris, or any of the other sex symbols who disappointed their fans? (Okay, you may not think of Neil Patrick Harris as a sex symbol, but sexiness is in the eye of the beholder, and while I do think Ricky Martin is incredibly sexy, I've also always had a soft spot for funny guys who can sing - my first celebrity crush was Dick Van Dyke, and I think Nathan Lane is pretty adorable too!)

Anyhow - Ricky isn't going to sleep with me whether he's straight or gay, so I really don't care who he chooses to sleep with. His choice of bed partners doesn't change the fact that he's got a fabulous voice, a great body, and a seductive rapport with audiences. Plus he has that sensitive dad thing going on, with his cute twin toddler boys. See, here's the great thing about celebrity crushes - since it's all fantasy, you can imagine anything you want, and it doesn't matter whether the object of your affection is straight, gay, bi, or an alcoholic sex addict. In a fantasy, Clay Aiken can date his fans, Tiger Woods can be a devoted husband, and Adam Lambert can be punkish womanizer. Or in my case, Neil Patrick Harris can be a passionate lover who sings and tells me jokes while he begs me to costar in his next show.

So disappointed fans, don't despair - you can still fantasize about Ricky Martin all you like, and now you don't even have to compare yourself to any real life women he might date!

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